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GPS Mod extension v1.0
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GPS Mod extension v1.0

Huhu @ all,
thanks to a request, I was brought up with the idea to create a small extension for the GPS Mod by upsidedown. Knowing about these zip in addition modfolder, then the executor is in contact with activated GPS Mod is limited to 10 km / h. Now you can lift out also that implement when turning without the tractor at full throttle or manually adjust the cruise control you have .. But that was only part 1 ..
Part 2 refers to the round balers. That too is now possible without any intervention. From a level of 50%, the speed is reduced to 15 km / h. Then reaches the level 80% will reduce the speed to 10 km / h. Reached the level of 95% reduces the speed at 5 km / h. This was necessary so that the tractor comes to a standstill in time.
Both things govern only on the cruise! If you are manually gas, you have to regulate it all myself!
Basically, that was all, what makes the script. Wishes all those who use it find, have fun with it!
PS .: I could now test course not all mods or all possible combinations, but mostly it should be no problems with Modpressen.

upsidedown - Danke für deine Unterstüzung!

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