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Grandpa Hank's Used NH3 Nurse Tanks V1.0
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Grandpa Hank's Used NH3 Nurse Tanks V1.0

Good Ole' Grandpa Hank is at it again.  Now he is willing to sell you his old used nurse tank out behind the barn for cheap.  He swears its the ticket to get you by until you can save up enough money for a newer model.  

This is a used, rusty 1,450 gallon nurse tank with lesser fill capacity than a newer model since it leaks a little.  Did I mention its cheap?   Features a fill level meter, so you know at a quick glance just how much is left in the tank.  Can refill at any working fertilizer fill point.  Rides stable and tows nicely behind any tractor or implement.  Can re-fill another tank in the field.  Working width is 12m with this tank.  Using this tank over time in the field, it will get dirty along with the tires.

I did leave extra texture files in the respected folder so you can change them out to whichever combination you like.

Worked very hard to bring you this mod.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making this. 

GIANTS Software
Braindead4554 <-- Modder for this mod
LMS Modding, Mwlacy, BigCountry (Tires, major help, Tester)
Reaper9111, Farmerboy (Ribbed Tires)
Sivy (teacher, major help)
AlbertL (major help)
westmorgan (Tester, major help)
812farmer (Tester, bug squisher)
MikeLowery (Tester)
farmerboy69 (Found a bug, squished bug dead)
red farmer 976 (Tester)

Please, if I forgot anyone or if anything is wrong with the credits, please let me know so I can change it right away.


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