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Grazyland PDA Map fix v1.0
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Grazyland PDA Map fix v1.0

Hello everybody,
I currently the Grazyland like to play but I still so much bother me I have a go set and the PDA Map revised because the roads are there unfortunately to recognize virtually garnicht.

Habs now done so:
Lanes = Red
Roads Blue =
otherwise nothing has changed.

To insert the PDA Map you must do the following:
the / the mod "FS15_grazyland" from your mod folder cut (documents-my games-farming simulator15-mods)
best make a backup of / if something goes wrong
on your desktop create a new folder
insert the file into the folder
unzip the file (unzip click here) this is eg. WinRar required
Then you unpack the PDA map-fix grazyland.rar file which you have downloaded it
and shifts the pda_map.dds now the unzipped files into your newly created folder on the desktop
Of course you have to replace the old or delete previously
then you unpacked all files back to a .ZIP file
it is important that you rename the file back just as before (FS15_grazyland) else you can offer your savegame not use.
and then just grab the file back to your modfolder.

It remains to be mentioned:
On the displayed map you will discover a little piece of dirt road that with you does not exist. I looked at the map modified a little and there, among other things built a dirt road.
If you change the original file can you of course no longer play online, except your fellow players also have the revised version.
If there are still open questions just message to me. I also like to do a short Youtube video to if necessary.
For constructive criticism, I am of course open;)
Thanks to mngrazy for release.
Have fun with it!
Greeting Fossi


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