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Grazyland split shapes v1.0
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Grazyland split shapes v1.0

Moin dear friends of Grazyland of mngrazy,
this is just for you :-)
First, the question arises what the ISSN at all?
Now it is a copy of splitShapes.gmss from my savegame folder 11 where I'm playing on the Grazyland.
There, all information of my trees were saved in the game or it's more about the trees that are no longer in the game and their stumps.
I have so cut down some trees to boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 13 and milled from the stumps!
Now I can in peace with Play Course and the helpers cultivate these fields and of course finds CP also an obstacle but it is now much easier to start the game.
That is why I ask you only once to start a new game on the grazyland, save, quit the game, the splitShapes.gmss from my zip with the replace or override from your Score and load the saved game.
Then please tell me if there have also worked well so with you, or if there arise problems !?
Important! That's just for the Grazyland (whether manure or soil) and not suitable for other Maps!
So now a lot of fun


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