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Great American Farming v2.0
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Great American Farming v2.0

This map is soil management prepared as well as damage and repair mod. Mud has been installed some place, so you can use Terrain and Dirt control mod. You know where to find them. No potatoes and sugarbeet dump location… use the tipping mod already available to download if you want to.

If any problems, tell and they will be adressed.


  • Johnny
    2016-05-25 00:43
    tillage equipment mods dig into the ground when you buy them so your not able to attach other wise pretty good amp
  • Swampfox10
    2016-05-25 01:46
    How do you empty the grain bins? The auger doesn't work.
  • Johnny
    2016-05-25 03:16
    found a quick fix just push implements to the road, the hitch should come out of the ground.
  • Frank
    2016-05-25 05:02
    swampfox10, you empty in the silo pit, the yellow auger is only decoration...johnny, I'll check for this problem, it never happens to me, but I'll check...
  • Jeremy
    2016-05-25 07:54
    Map screens are messed up (crop growth and crop types, and vehicle placement screen). The background image is split up and runs diagonally.
  • Frank
    2016-05-25 08:06
    jeremy, I haven't found the reason of this yet, but it shows crops and growth the same, except for the background. Sorry about that, it's a known problem that doesn't affect gameplay or anything but I'm trying to correct it... Hope you enjoy the map...
  • Will
    2016-05-25 12:05
    Frank, this is a great map and thank you for your work on it an releasing it! Just need to address these few small things and it will be perfect!
  • Frank
    2016-05-25 14:38
    thank you Will, when all the small bugs will be known, I will probably make an update... Theres also the small lake waterplane that's badly install, sorry for that, it will be corrected in the update as well... If anything else, let me know!
  • Swampfox10
    2016-05-25 17:27
    Thank you Frank. No problems dumping in the pit, but cant find where to load back out..I must be missing something. I'm not finding a fill trigger..
  • Swampfox10
    2016-05-25 17:41
    Oops, sorry Frank. The problem was with a mod I was unloading in. My bad. Other than that, nice map!
  • Wtf?
    2016-05-25 23:35
    Why release a broken map? Fix your shit before you upload it and waste everyones time with yet another half-assed map. FFS, if you can't mod, DON'T MOD.
  • Frank
    2016-05-26 00:02
    wtf? If you don't like, don't play. It's not broken, theres some things that need adjustment, like all the mods we make... sorry people for that, this guy seem to hate everything the community make, so... And so courageous being anonymous...
  • Dnnie
    2016-05-26 02:57
    needs traffic pig and beef fatting and chicken fatten and just look at some other maps and you see what you need to add you go boy you can do it
  • Bryan1
    2016-05-26 03:00
    looks like cool map but gets stuck at load screen on my mac
  • Blacky
    2016-05-26 03:25
    same here here jeremy to the PDA map mod is all screwed up split screen
  • Frank
    2016-05-26 05:27
    DNNIE, I think pigs and all these fattening can be found as placeable mods, it can be a solution... Thanks for your suggestion, boy. As for the other maps, I saw them all and my goal was not to reproduce the same thing over again, if you know what I mean. Blacky, as I wrote, the problem is under investigation!!! Hope you enjoy the map anyway.
  • Ron


    2016-05-29 20:55
    Nice map just started playing it. but fields 1,4,9,20 have a covering on them that I can't plow under or cultivate, hard to plant when you can't see the ground. Other than that I like it
  • Frank
    2016-05-30 14:52
    Hi Ron. Do you have the chopped straw mod installed?
  • Cool map
    2016-05-31 05:19
    Fun to play, and I'm glad it doesn't have all the extra pig, beef, calf, etc. I like farming the fields, I even took out the soil mod before I started playing it. Great Map !
  • Frank
    2016-05-31 18:37
    thanks cool map, happy you like it. If you want the final version with bug corrected, the version 3 is out now...
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