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Great Plains Simba SL 500
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Great Plains Simba SL 500

Introduction on item
Built around proven, innovative components mounted on a central chassis, Great Plains Simba SL cultivators are capable of carrying out a number of operations in a single pass. Comprising a single row of Pro-Active disc units fited with either notched or SoilRazor disc blades followed by two rows of ST tines or LD (Low Disturbance) tines, another set of discs and a rear roller, this versatile machine really gets the job done.
The design of these cultivators ensures that they can work at shallow depths with the discs and deeper depths with loosening tines as two distinct operations within the machine. This is a different concept to some other machines that operate on a twin-pass principle, where deeper working tines, for example, have to supplement the working operation of discs. This can result in a compromise where clods are boiled to the surface, reducing seedbed quality. With the SL, the key design benefit of the tine is to give a complete shatter of the soil profile at depth without bringing clods and subsoil to the surface.

Pack details
This pack is comprised of two cultivators, an older style version in orange (Simba) and the later green version (Great Plains Simba)

Main model uses diffuse and specular maps, wheels using the same along with normal maps.
Model is fully washable, though due to no normal map on main model the dirt texture is slightly flatter than default models.
Full lighting using model parts as decals along with coronas.
A full particle system has been added which includes animation, dust and mud.
The model has been completely re in gamed based loosely on the default Vogel cultivator.
Cost of unit is 66280 and daily up keep is 15, the required power needed for this tool is anything from 250 horse power.

This mod may be uploaded to other websites but please be polite and try to use original link from this site (FSUK) and most certainly use the correct credits.

Enjoy using the Great Plains Simba SL 500

Originally made by Halycon Media as a free bonus mod
Converted by Tommx55 and WBF
Brand new in game and many changes by Petorious
Input and help by Tommx55 and WBF

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    Before anyone goes and says "It's stolen" and other crap like that, take a minute to look at the CREDITS you know the things that show who made it? Credit: Publicly acknowledgement someone as a participant in the production of something, MEANING HE GAVE CREDIT TO THE MOD AUTHOR. :)AND FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM, PICTURES UPLOADED DAILY..... ON THE INSTAGRAM NAME THERE IS 2 "_" NOT 1: Hackrott__farms
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    May I ask who you are, Because you are not me...... ^
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    Calm down gentlemen. Did a research about this mod and its location and we will be code 4 on this.
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    In order to successfully continue in its efforts, the FBI needs talented shooter, to our new kill-list, operation "SILENT WHIINERS" .
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