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Great Western Farms v3.2
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Great Western Farms v3.2

Great Western Farms is my first map.

Version 3.2
Fixed Fattening barn triggers
Added storage for Compost
Added a secret bridge. You gotta go find it!

It is a American Style map based on a farm in Central Kansas and features Chopped Straw, Marhu's Water Mod, Multifruit, Dirt and Terrain, Damage Mod, Hardpoint, and more! It also contains most of the fun stuff Farmer Andy made including the MixMaster2, the Seedmaster, the Potato Washer and Steamer, Greanhouses, Composting, the BeetMaster2, and so on.
There is beef fatening on the map, the starting vehicles have been upgraded and the starting money is way higher than most maps. You have chickens, cows, and pigs as well.
Thanks to all the modders out there for the models and scripts they make. This project would not be possible without them.
A huge THANK YOU goes out to Stevie at Farm Simulator Mods for all his help and advice on this map as well. The map started with his starter map and he really helped with some of the more technical stuff.

Models: Giants, Stevie, Farmer Andy, Marhu, GoldFox, and so many more!
Idea / Concept: Chris, L and C Gaming.

  • Rob


    2016-08-20 18:40
    do I need any mods for this or does it already have what it needs?
  • Rob


    2016-08-23 06:07
    Do all the fields allow hired help as far as cultivating, ploughing, and seeding? I tried to have a hired help cultivate field 3 and it only cultivated for 10 seconds then stopped. How can I fix that?
  • Deafgamer
    2016-08-23 07:56
    The only thing I hate about fields is uneven fields, it throws off the hired modes. L shapes or any shape that don't have an even 4 corners confuses them.Just saying.....
  • Case1370
    2016-08-27 03:42
    Did the soil texture ever get changed? Reason I ask is last time I DL'ed it still had the out of box texture. Also you couldnt change a filed direction by plowing, well you could, but it didnt look right when you plowed or planted, it was like the animation was only for that 1 direction, rather than whichever way you chose to work the field.
  • Deafgamer
    2016-08-27 22:39
    Thanks for not giving us low end system users the ability to cut down trees to improve the framerate/playability of the map. Putting in a boatload of trees that cannot be cut. Nice.........NOT!
  • Kevin
    2016-08-30 03:42
    Map doesnt show up when game is started, have nothing else in the mod folder except the map and required mods
  • Jeremy
    2016-09-14 05:43
    Cows freeze at grass feeding trough, and I can't unload hay into the feed mixer.
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