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Great Western Farms v3
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Great Western Farms v3

Added signs to dairy
Added traffic
Added Pedestrians
Added pallet moves at great houses, cherry orchard, and sawmill
Fixed log sale trigger at lumber yard.
Added a pond near the Garden Center
Added some decorative items around the map.

Great Western Farms is my first map. It is a American Style map based on a farm in Central Kansas and features Chopped Straw, Marhu's Water Mod, Multifruit, Dirt and Terrain, Damage Mod, Hardpoint, and more! It also contains most of the fun stuff Farmer Andy made including the MixMaster2, the Seedmaster, the Potato Washer and Steamer, Greanhouses, Composting, the BeetMaster2, and so on.
There is beef fatening on the map, the starting vehicles have been upgraded and the starting money is way higher than most maps. You have chickens, cows, and pigs as well.
Thanks to all the modders out there for the models and scripts they make. This project would not be possible without them.
A huge THANK YOU goes out to Stevie at Farm Simulator Mods for all his help and advice on this map as well. The map started with his starter map and he really helped with some of the more technical stuff.

Models: Giants, Stevie, Farmer Andy, Marhu, GoldFox, and so many more!
Idea / Concept: Chris, L and C Gaming

  • Daniel
    2016-08-04 15:45
    Does this map have cotton? If not could you add it to the next version?
  • Totonin
    2016-08-05 10:34
    hello map download well in the game but when I want to start the card and not visible, pouver you help me thank you
  • Waterboy
    2016-08-05 20:32
    Thank you for adding pallet collectors.Still can not load pigs. Can not load trucks at main silo.Thank you
  • Polack01
    2016-08-06 10:00
    salut et beau travail !Mais les sillons sont limités en position. Si je fais un 360° en labourant, je n'ai que deux positions de sillages. et comme je fais des maps pourrais-tu me dire comment résoudre ce problème ! merci !!! polack01 hello and good work!But the grooves are limited in position. If I make a 360 ° plowing, I only have two positions wakes. and as I make maps could you tell me how to solve this problem! thank you !!!
  • Old man player
    2016-08-06 15:03
    cannot load pig. cannot sell beef and pig
  • Langhamfarms
    2016-08-06 15:49
    I cant get the liquid fertilizer into the tanks at the lettuce greenhouses... can anyone help with why ???
  • Waterboy
    2016-08-07 09:22
    I guest Chris, L and C Gaming does not know why their map still has problems.
  • Waterboy
    2016-08-08 03:22
    Langhamfarmsgo close and past the liquid fertilizer then back slow
  • Donnie
    2016-08-13 03:36
    needs a lot more mud all over the fields and gates and barn and every where get it together then its a hell of a map thanks for traffic
  • Pase
    2016-08-13 15:05
    I have a problem, I do not know if it depends on the map or the fact that I have not yet found the right combination, but after it is harvested it must necessarily sow manually or is there a combination of steps where you can sow the taking ' worker ?
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