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GreenAcres Farms v3 With Pigs And Beefs
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GreenAcres Farms v3 With Pigs And Beefs

In this version there are pigs and beefs Along with a slaughterhouse.
I added a new sell place for grains (Farmers CO_OP)
I added alittle more detail to the map and fix'd a few things too. PDA map I did not know how to re-make. All reset vehicle now go to the main farm. I did a test run and all seems to work...
This is only the second map I have ever done and that's why it does not have alot of detail and may not be perfect.
I made this map based off of a map from fs2011 (Farm in the fallows) That's why there are no fields to buy.
You have to make your fields with a plow, And you can make alot of small fields or a few large ones any size or shape you want?
You can take your grass,hay,hay bale's,manure and slurry to Stinkey's Place in the small forest.
You can buy tree's to plant by the small greenhouse.
You can send both trains off after dumping logs at the saw mill and grains at the frieght yard.
The rest is pertty easy to figure out? This is the final version of the map. Thank you and
I hope you enjoy playing GreenAcres Farms with pigs and beefs?


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