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GreenAcres Rebuilt v1
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GreenAcres Rebuilt v1

This version is much larger so you will need some big machines. And I added soybeans. Have Fun.

Giants, And all the good folks that make great mods...

  • Zach
    2015-07-12 05:55
    game will not load waited 35 min and still nothing...
  • Farmboy002
    2015-07-12 06:15
    I'm sorry to hear that the map will not load for you ZACH.Is anyone else having trouble with this? The map is loading just fine for me so maybe try and re-download it. I'll re-download it myself and see what happens..
  • Farmboy002
    2015-07-12 06:32
    Well ZACH It loaded just fine..
  • Farmerdave
    2015-07-12 22:06
    Can't open gates @ sell points
  • Farmboy002
    2015-07-12 23:22
    The soybean texture in this map was made by reaper9111 and he needs to be listed in the credits.
  • Farmboy002
    2015-07-12 23:33
    Farmerdave you need the annimated map door mod to open some of the doors. the gate's open by pressing o....
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