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GreenLand v1.2
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GreenLand v1.2

Mix feeder added.
Minor bugs fixed.
Added German language. (thanks to Jaguar95)

Hereby i present you my forst map Green Land.
This map includes the standard animals cows, sheep and chicken i added pigs en calves.
The map has 25 fields mid en big size, for example you can use courseplay very well or you can go play multiplayer.
Because this is my first map i would like to know what what you do think of it so please give me feedback on the map.

What can you find in the map,
1 big farm where you can find all the animals.
Large biogass.
Vehicle store.
Farmshop where you can sell wool, eggs, standard an multifruit crops.
Verwarmingsinstallatie where you can sell and storage woodchips. 
Sawmill where you can sell your loggs.
Countrytrade where you can sell your crops.
Molen where you can sell your crops.
Metzgerei where you can sell your pigs and calves.
eten where you can sell standard crops.

Required mods:


Zunhammer Water/Milk tank
Fliegl Vieh Transport Pack

Please note that I don't give permission to edit the map and re-upload it.
''Gelieve niet de kaart ergens anders te uploaden zonder de originele download link!''
''Please do not upload the map anywhere else without the original download link!''
''Bitte nicht die Karte irgendwo sonst laden, ohne den ursprünglichen Download-Link!''


Markkerkhof346, NLD Farmers, Giants, Richard, Bart, Saundoss, Miepeltje, Robbie, Vertex Dezign, möchtegernbauer, Tanco Rakus, Silvana Bahr, Tanja Schmidt, Wildfuchs, Marhu, Steffen30muc, Luxfarm, Jaguar95) Mythic modding. I would like to thank al the modders for using their objects, buildings, textures.
I hope i do not forget someone in my credits, if i forgot you let me know and i will add you in the credits.
Bunker: SoftFOX, BigM
Mixing station: m4pj3cts
Stall: Timber (stall to grab Thank you for sharing with the in the coming Mapper Kit) 131
Rails: BigM, Xentro
Feeder: manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM
Script: Bluebaby210

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