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Gregoire G8.260 v0.95
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Gregoire G8.260 v0.95

After months of work here you have my first mod, a Gregoire g8.260, a grape harvester (at the moment, in future versions it will be able to harvest olives to)
Some of the features of this mods are:
Enter animation
- Interactive Control (IC)
- Additional store category
- The height of the machine can be adjusted (keys "J" and "N" for left side and "K" and "M" for right side)
- Additional weight
- Steering animation
- Atachable header with supports that can be removed out of the machine with key "O"
- Bins can be unloaded independently
- Regulable shakers speed
- Hud wich shows bins fill level and shakers speed
- Joystick animation
- Turned on and work animations and particle systems
- Lights script
- And more surprises, I cant't remember al of them
I hope you enjoy it and if you have any problem, say it, your feedback is very useful
Note: It isn`t tested in multiplayer yet


  • Douxian
    2016-08-14 19:24
    Hello I try your mod, really really Wonderfull. I wanted to play with it with the Winzerei of Kevin98 (wonderfull mod too) but cant't harvest anything !!!!! So can you tell us where do you find the grape to harvest, please ?
  • Blacky
    2016-08-14 20:55
    douxian go to altkirch in alsacev3.0 multifruit map mod they have grape field mod that you can plant grapes in i am using it right now the mod map
  • Nonnus
    2016-08-14 22:53
    very nice mod - 5 stars
  • Douxian
    2016-08-15 19:35
    Blacky, thank you for your answer.
  • Blacky
    2016-08-15 23:09
    your welcome
  • Douxian
    2016-08-28 19:39
    hello Blacky, sorry but i try with Altkirch v3 (wonderfull++++ map) and it doesn't work ??? so i try with the instrument (green) wich was with the map, and it's ok ??? i don't understand and i would like an answere to harvest grape with it. thank you.
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