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Griskabudis map (Realistic) v1
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Griskabudis map (Realistic) v1

Greyhound by the reality of 1: 1
4 pixel map (Large)
Moving fish and beavers
4 factories
2 greenhouses
5 different purchase
There is mud
Water modes
Realistic growth modes
Straw modes
Can be grown: chickens, cows, sheep, pigs and calves
Fully working on mp
Many homesteads
There is a forest
Various roads
Many fields (various sizes)
O - open gates or doors.
Existing scales
Different sounds
Operating beicinÄ—
You can carry the sand
Walks machines
Fully working lights at night
Original culture
Milk you can sell yourself

Model: Giedrius
Textures: Giedrius
Scripts: Giedrius

  • Rejeant
    2016-02-15 04:52
    tres belle map mais normal ou s,ont les vehicule
  • Blacky
    2016-03-13 16:16
    good map mod but you need to make your dealership a little bigger it's to small tried to get a bigger combine and cutter header couldn't drive out
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