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Grodkow Version Two
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Grodkow Version Two

Author: Kubu$123

Welcome to my next map :) The map is not linked to an earlier my map, all done from the beginning :)
The map is in Polish climate, much larger than its predecessor :)
On the map you will find:
* Mod fever (yet it can not be watered with water because I do not have a trigger, After Christmas I will deliver when the goods will patch this function. Pigs buy in the store.)
* cow
* Making the cows in the barn
* Two farms
* purchase
* Very nice area
* Various shape of the field (the field is larger than on previous maps)
* More varied road network of field [not as before, that the two roads cross :)]
The rest you will learn after downloading maps :)

The prohibition of changing the link!
Ban map editing!
The ban on signing up as an author!
Do you want to be up on other forums? Copy the entire contents of the post!
Respect the time spent on a map!


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