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Grossaltdorf v1.0
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Grossaltdorf v1.0

I'll put you today my Großaltdorf card at disposal.
I'm not the Mapguru and am for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism always welcome.
It is my first card and security could be expanded.
What's Installed one sees in the pictures.
The card is completely redesigned.

Desperados 93
wenn ich jemanden vergessen haben sollte reicht ne kurze PN und setz ihn mit darunter!

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    2016-03-12 19:52
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    Once you have imported an object with i3d, the i3d file can deleted. just leave the "diffuse" or pictures, behind, the i3d for the object once added to the main map i3d, is no longer deleted. Just wastes space and makes your map larger than it actually is.
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