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Gutshof v1.0
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Gutshof v1.0

Moin love Ls friends
After 6 months, I also sign time back, and in this case I would like to introduce my new map
This is a lowland Map so who does not like it, stay away
It is a multi-fruit Map, in addition to the standard, there are sunflowers, oats and rye.
We have over 1000 hrs on the dedi server and it runs correctly.
It was laid worth much on performance. therefore also suitable for weaker computers,
There will not be another version, but ye can indeed convert private for you.
So now to the map. The Map is normal size and has 14 fields with outlets such Agravis, potato merchant, windmill, and of course may not be a BGA missing.
Pigs and cattle fattening and a cattle trade.
You have all the fields Buy. Some of them are Vorgesät
There is no sawmill, because we do not like that.

The following mods need you.
http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multifruit--4 Important
http://filehorst.de/d/bAaBDdEG GMK
http://www.modhoster.de/redirect/JL5Xd Animation Trigger Important
http://www.modhoster.de/download/rKr41 (water mod)

A big thanks goes to Kuga my best friend in ls we know each other since 3 years and playing regularly ls
He was the one who has always noticed the error they have been fixed by me. Therefore, we can also calm the
Map as Final rausgeben.
And we are happy if you like it

Giants. Marhu: El_Cid (building)
Ingo 210578 (Kartoffellh)
sheep barn ????
The rest I wear after, Perfectly safe:
Unfortunately not known. Agravis.
Thanks to all for your beautiful things.
And finally it here for the map
FSModding. (pig beef. Emsfahrer Katsuo GCG Modding Marhu Silas770) .El Cid. Foliage Layers.
Please do not upload in a different form again please stay fair yes
Bauer Lustig and Kuga


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