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Hagen Bridge v2.1.0
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Hagen Bridge v2.1.0

You will need: Universal Process Kit
Please extract the files and read the Readme!

V 2.1.0
- Forestexpanding
- new starting vehicles
- manually milk selling
- foodmix station
- ROS Obst- und Beeren Mod
- area for placable
- some small changes

V 2.0.0 Forestedition
- big forest in the southwest
- new biogas plant next to the shop with shelters
- new selling point for woodchips on the area of the "old" biogas plant
- forestfarm with woodchips storage (with convoyer)
- foodstorage with convoyers
- second starting field and grass field
- some little changings
- bug fixing
- new PDA

V 1.1.0
- removed car on the field
- filled grassholes
- right position of the icons on the PDA

V 1.0.0
- Cows moved to the farm
- Sheeps moved to farm
- Farm changed and added a foodstorage
- Woodchips conveyor
- Manure sellingpoint
- ramp for easy trailer filling
- ramp for biogas plant filling
- new sawmill at the trainstation
- added spruces
- new pda
- new hall at the piogas plant
- new garden center
- closed grassholes

Helpful Mods:
Zatoxx BrantnerE8041 Manure Edition V 2.0 (http://www.modhoster.de/mods/brantnere8041-manure-edition)
skjatala KrampeSB3063 V 1.0 (http://www.modhoster.de/mods/krampesb3063)
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No Errors in the log.
Pleas don't upload the map without my permission.
Dank an Scheunenfund für das "Langzeittesten".

Marhu (WaterMod, Mischstation, Milchtrigger), 1984Fendt936 (Futterlager), Zatoxx (G├╝lle-/Mistverkauf), mariodiecke (Hackschnitzelf├Ârderband), nl-modding (Weidentor), vanillaice83(Rampe), hellboy1975(Tisch), Rosenthaler (Obst- und Beeren)

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