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Hagen Holm v3.0.0
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Hagen Holm v3.0.0

My version of the original map.

V 2.3.0
- chopped straw
- ROS Obst und Beeren
- foragemixer
- new biogas plant (easy filling)
- manual milk selling
- new PDA-Map
- extention of the farm

V 2.3.1
- Bugfixing: Straw appears in the cowshed

V 2.3.0
- Watermod
- manures sellpoint
- removed flying trees
- removed buildings and objects wich disturbs fieldwork
- bigger field 13
- new PDA-Map
- cows at the farm
- sheeps at the farm
- replaced grass with channelfails
- new halls and shelters at the farm
- new farm for forest-working
- changes at the biogas plant
- area for placeable objects
- greater forest in the south of the map

Pleas don't upload that map elsewhere without my permission.
I'm sorry for my bad English.


GIANTS Software
möchtegernbauer, mariodiecke, Eribus, Zatoxx, Marhu, 1984Fendt936, Farmer Klink, webalizer_ls, ROS Rosenthaler.

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