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Hagenstedt New Version v1.0
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Hagenstedt New Version v1.0

The map has the below features and installed mods
Multifruits = Oat Sunflower grape

Added Water Mod for Animals
Added Bread Production
Added Flour production
Added WoolColector
Added pig
More Objects
Change Look of Port
Farm as a New Look
Added a New Road
Added Traffic in Dairy
Added a new Iceland and Circus
Added MixFeeder
Animals Change of Place
Change the center of the Village added a new park
Change texture of Farm Shop and many more.Have Fun
IMPORTANT You Need To Put The AAA_UniversalProcessKit in your mods folder

Bluebaby210 manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM Timber131 m4pj3cts Upside Down Giants Joa

Bluebaby210 manni_112, softfox, BigM Timber131 m4pj3cts UpsideDown Giants Joa

  • Trevors
    2015-12-07 14:26
    super carte elle me manquer mais ne fonctionne pas , impossible de sauvegarder :(
  • Tinyalloy
    2015-12-07 15:32
    it wont save the game
  • Denest
    2015-12-07 16:50
    bonjour super carte mais deux grtosse ereur dans le log
  • Wim


    2015-12-07 21:16
    It wont save the game.Het spel wild niet opslaan.
  • Kevin
    2015-12-19 15:20
    bakery wont accept water, and i cant load wine or bread
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