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Hagenstedt v1.0.1
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Hagenstedt v1.0.1

Hagenstedt, who does not know of the Farming Simulator 2013. Personally, I've always enjoyed playing even though I had transformed me. Now I have here at Modhoster the Hagenstedt of thedibla0 found that he has converted it to work in LS15.
Yes it works, but only limited. Thus, for example, not to cut down trees, lumber mill is missing chips can deliver anywhere in the nursery and also lacks the shop trigger so that you can buy anything.
Just little things but should not be missing or may.
Therefore, the map I have sometimes adopted and begun to adapt.
In this version I once built a sawmill added. It is located near the harbor. The local trigger function provided that all. The only thing that is not yet installed, the chips sale.
The trees can stand at the sawmill at the field up to three trees all cases, as the pictures show it. Why the other 3 trees do not I have to look at can make. More trees have not yet been installed since it is only once this is a small test phase.
Unfortunately, I've also seen after you upload you can buy anything at the nursery. This will then be resolved in the next version with.
For the card itself:
The card will be a pure single player map. Whether it will then run in multiplayer I can not say because I do not have the goal to create a multiplayer map.
The card will not stay at the origin. This means that the buildings and retail space are partially rebuilt, converted or taken away gant. Depending on how I need it or not.

Quoted four courtyards.
Forest Enterprise
How and where do and look like they are this will then show gradually.

In the next update:
If a small forest added so that you can already supply the sawmill.
The chips sale is added to the BGA, and the power plant will be located in Hagenstedt.
The nursery will be re gesteltet so that you can make use everything and buy as you are used to.
Thus, and for all who have not yet read it out now, this is a trial period to see if such a map is desired, first, second, so can you tell me what you want to have with you on the map and what is not. Third, to see whether other users in the sawmill work the way with me.
Why did not you yet other things come with the built in the next update
As previously working 48 hours stuck in the map. I also have to go through are just getting started with the present time for the next update some test phases with me.
For all notorious complainer and the person you of the reading are not proficient because they believed in the school cell phone is more important and can only sing and clap therefore which is gesgat:
You can save you all. Who does not want it invites not down and who has something to complain can go to Mum in the kitchen and cry on there at the coat-tails. Or you sit yourself with your butt down and build something with yourself.
Of all of them said, criticism and suggestions are always happy to welcome, just so I can fix bugs and wishes into account.
Credits and built Mods:
The card I use has converted thediabl0 and can be downloaded at Modhoster down here
Hagenstedt by thediabl0
The loading crane at the sawmill ... so I though Modhoster dannach searched but not found. Maybe I've just missed it. Who knows by whom is please mention may be made to send me a message so that the modders here, too.
The worker sitting in Verladekran comes from Gaints from another game.

And now for something legal:
Since I know that there are also users here dennen it a damn thing you want is a modder or Mapper dennen be said:
Should you open the map in other forums, sites, homepages or whatever Upload (and I bet my annual salary it will come it that) I can tell you now, there are between Gaints and a community to which I belong, an agreement that we will now proceed to Modklau and Mapklau.
For the reason
This map will be shown here at Modhoster and the Facebook Group of me.
All others are illegal and therefore these criminal and civil law are pursued. And if you think you could use the map to USA, Englischen-, Chinese, or whatever other servers also upload here's a tip ...
My lawyers and of Gaints will also proceed thence.


  • Einsamerwolf1979
    2015-01-06 20:07
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    Diese Map wurde Illegal hoch geladen ... hiermit werden Sie aufgefordert diese Karte sofort wieder zu entfernen. Sollte dies in den nächsten 24 Stunden nicht geschehen sein werde ich gegen Sie Straf- und Zivilrechtlich vorgehen.EinsamerWolf1979
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