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Hard and Party Tent v1.0
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Hard and Party Tent v1.0

Hello Dear MH Com,
I hereby present you a small repositionable hard and party tent for download. I and another have now made ??us just for the holidays bother the stan changed circus tent to rebuild as hard and party tent. Furthermore, we have treated it as already repositionable object to download. Otherwise there is this small Decomod, nothing more to say. It will come to the download might also wietee small things.
We from the Modding Team LU M & co, you want a happy new year 2015th
Mfg: Team LU M & co (Deutzerfan95)

About a little visit our (LU) side, we would be very happy about it, but lassst or even a Like represent.

Objekt: Giants Software
Textur: Giants Software
Modding Team LU M&co;

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