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Harrows 14 v1.0
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Harrows 14 v1.0

Speaking at a round number polubie? on my Fanpage It seems another mod.

- Does PS (Particle Systems, Dust, Earth Animation)
- Washable (Dirty itself is washable)
- Light (direction indicators, brake lights, etc.)
- Feet leave after uncoupling of the machine,
- Dismantle the "X"
- The choice of colors,

Additional Information:
- Price: 14000
- Daily care: 10
- Power consumption: 180 (However, some smaller tractors give quietly counseling)
- Textures are AO,
- No error in the protocol,
- Works in MP

Model: Swiftpaw, consi
Texture: Swiftpaw, consi
Programming: consi
Photos: Paffcio
Graphics: Pioneer620 (PNR)

General terms and conditions of business:
- Prohibition to amend the link !!
- If you wynosisz another forum copy the entire article!
- Ban on the construction!
- The prohibition of adding to Modpack!
- I respect the prohibitions data for other modelers to honor the mine, and it will be all right and my changes are more and more!
- From the original link The more downloads, the greater the motivation to spend the next mods or packages!
- Please download the original link What are you okay, a few minutes while I wait, and not only I to this mod a good few dozen hours of work..

Best regards and wish you a pleasant game!
I invite you, my Fanpage!

GoldFox, Consi

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