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Harvesting America v1.0
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Harvesting America v1.0

This map is not 100% complete. But is 100% playable. You own all fields with room to make a few more. You have the standard crops plus soybeans, Animals are Diary cows, sheep, chickens, chicken2, pigs.

You can take your chicken2 and pigs to the sale barn. Grains go to DeKalb, Train yard, Potato’s and beets go to the farmers Market. Lumber yard has space for Marhu’s placeable sawmill.


  • Name
    2015-09-11 00:33
    You have to drive through the other side of the cow shed to dump straw.
  • Caseihman38
    2015-09-11 01:23
    Is there not a bunker silo for chaff? drove all around the map and didn't see one, am I missing something? lol
  • Randy
    2015-09-11 03:00
    He did Say "the map is not 100% complete"
  • Farmboy
    2015-09-17 18:09
    I found a error, But fixed it by deleting the baseball field with G.E. The map runs a lot smoother now...
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