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Header Transport American v1.0
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Header Transport American v1.0

An american combine header trailer. I am trying to bring the community back up by releasing high quality mods DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE!

Justin Hoss

  • Erpilas
    2015-11-30 22:55
    estáis aburridos con los vídeos...sois pesados....
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-11-30 23:00
    wtf !!!!! does those 2 videos have to do with the header transport, what a waste of time watching them.
  • Jim


    2015-11-30 23:09
    Another awesome mod. Keep them coming boys. Im loven it. Here soon FS15 will be completed with mods.
  • Guest
    2015-12-01 00:56
    i'm so thankful for this mod site. without this mod site i wouldn't have half the mods i do have. because of this site my game is GREAT. that way i can tell all these douches who keep things private or think everyone should learn how to mod themselves to feck off. EVERYONE deserves to enjoy the game to it's fullest with or without learning how to edit and mod. i say let the moles stay. i enjoy people leaking stuff. keeps me stocked with the good stuff.
  • Rj
    2015-12-01 05:51
    this mod is taken from DHGC and who ever put this up has no right to do it
  • Jim


    2015-12-01 06:07
    You think we care RJ ?????? Hell no we don't. Keepem coming baby!!!
  • Boo hoo
    2015-12-01 06:33
    Ah poor, poor RJ, plz go and cry over your bowl of corn flakes. Thanks Uploader for sharing this trailer.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 09:04
    Guess I will delete the V2 because its people like this that make people not want to release mods. Little kids that think they are entitled because thats what you are little 9 yr olds that cant mod. Oh and did I give permission for my full name to be used. NOPE that is being delt with as we speak as for any other projects I will keep them to myself or delete um and be done.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 09:05
    On a side note these kids forgot to credit Mudbone for the original model. Gotta love Immature spoiled kids that post every thing as theirs when they didnt even do any actual work.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 09:20
    RJ there is no use arguing with kids they think at 9yrs old they know everything. Their reality check is gonna bounce big time, Its called karma.
  • Mike
    2015-12-01 09:28
    What a fu....ing videao uploader, all mods with the same videos. Looser
  • Punisher
    2015-12-01 10:37
    HOSS, there is nothing you can do once you share a mod. It got uploaded. Get over it. This is not identity theft as you so put it on your FB post there maggot, get a education. So contacting the "authorities" will just make you look like the retard that you are. Here, Fill this out, you need it;http://forum.r2games.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22563&d=1345411235Then take 2 of these;http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/316/773/59d.jpg
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 11:19
    and another kid whos link I wont click who cant mod
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 11:21
    but seeing as how it was changed when the link was first sent and now says something
  • Nameless
    2015-12-01 14:21
    i'm getting SO sick of the community of modders and editors thinking anyone who wants to improve there game needs to edit or mod themselves. bullshit. not everyone can learn it. the community needs EVERYONE. if everyone knew how to edit and mod then no one would be using anything but there own edits and mods. if i could do it i'd be doing everything myself and forget mods sites all together. then you modders would be crying that no one wants your shit. you couldn't give it away.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 14:21
    Mike he is doing it to get views so he can profit the vids were intentional
  • Guest
    2015-12-01 14:37
    i have to agree with NAMELESS. if everyone knew how to mod and edit modding sites wouldn't be needed at all. everyone would make there own mods and do there own edits and no one would be using anyone elses mods. with all the drama these days maybe thats the way to go.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 14:37
    your funny if you think how it works people spend their time on a mod for free and simply ask 2 things that you ask before uploading else ware and get permission before editing our hard work. I could care less if you use it or not but nothing else I make will be made public so I guess you should learn to do it on your own because many modders refuse to release anything its called respect.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 14:43
    but everyone wants to treat modders like we owe the community every thing just because we can mod you people threaten us with physical violence when we dont release something right away. Why would I give any one anything that threatens me. Easy I wont and if you think it isnt happening then your blind and dont follw the community at all you wanna complain to me be an adult come on my ts and do it dont hide behind nameless and guest.
  • Guest
    2015-12-01 15:50
    i wasn't talking about threatening with or without violence. i wasn't talking about respect either. i think it's a shame the way the community treats modders. but i also think it's a shame the modders that fire back, "if you want to enhance your game do it yourself", like everyone can learn to mod and should. many of you modders seem to think anyone can learn this and if you don't or can't then you should be left with in game stuff.
  • Hoss
    2015-12-01 22:10
    Guest its easy if you want to learn there are thousands of tutorials 2watch them thats how I learned what I know its not gonna happen in a day. If you dont have time then dont insult a modder then expect him to give you something thats just stupid and if you insult me im gonna fire back duh I dont have to take your crap I dont see how you think I HAVE to take your insults with out firing back.
  • Jim


    2015-12-02 00:01
    Did I touch a nerve Hoss??? I rest my case. Lmao
  • Fsasmc
    2015-12-02 01:41
    hoss u wont never release anyway LOL !!!
  • Hossisapieceofshit
    2015-12-02 02:54
    enough said
  • Junk mod
    2015-12-02 02:59
    this mod is a piece of shit anyway. it's got worse texture than 13 mods. a 5 year old could have made this mod, hell a 5 year old probably did.
  • Name
    2015-12-02 19:46
    Just be thank full that you all got it, due to the fact that this mod was supposed to stay private to a few Facebook groups and no one else
  • Eng51ine
    2015-12-03 03:04
    You do realize that in the user agreement from Giants, anything you create using their engine IE Giants Editor, belongs to Giants and Giants holds the rights to it and can use it as they wish.
  • Sturn
    2016-10-17 23:19
    this mod will not hook up to my headers
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