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Hello Kitty v1.0
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Hello Kitty v1.0

Hello my little daughter also plays LS and just wanted to have a tractor own Hello Kitty,
So I have this implemented times.
I thought I put the time line may rejoices in the one or the other course so to get something.
You are welcome to me design wishes in the comments left by your love would have.
Clear do not like this any but perhaps one can thus make some pleasure.


  • What the fuck
    2015-08-21 11:36
    what in the actual fuck where you fucking thinking making a god damn hello kitty piece of shit tractor for farming simulator I don't give a flying fuck if your daughter plays this game if you make a mod this fucking shitty then don't post this kind of fucking shit on a realistic fucking site.
  • Name
    2015-08-22 04:49
    you are a jackass
  • What the fuck
    2015-08-26 21:11
    yeah I know but something had to be said lol
  •  just a parent
    2016-02-05 09:02
    First of all, let me address WTF. You sir obviously swim in the shallow end of the gene pool and should volunteer for sterilization so your defective DNA is not passed on to any future generations. Lets phrase this so even you can understand. If you don't like it, don't download it, and keep your nasty negative comments to yourself.
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