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Helpers Upgrade v0.1 beta
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Helpers Upgrade v0.1 beta

After a longer break and cocked waiting for the script documentation, here again a little script to get you started:
Do you know that too ?, the BGA runs over, the cows stand in their own excrement while the helper starts to buy the manure spreader on the field of manure for expensive money, because you are not just fast enough to the transport cask?
Not anymore with this mod you stands slurry tankers, seeders and fertilizer spreaders the option available to let the assistants are waiting for you. Once you have the mode of "helper buys material" on "helpers awaiting material" changed, the helper with the seed drill remains on until you bring new seeds to the transfer vehicle.
The normal LS function is about "helpers buys material" can still be used, so you can only use this function with slurry tanker operators and normally buy your seed drill.
Attention, this is the first version of the script, errors are not ruled out, but to be expected.
So I wish you still play a lot of fun and always nice LS preserve patience, the helpers do not run away (at least with this mod no longer;)).


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