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Hirschi Island v0.9
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Hirschi Island v0.9

Hello Com,
Here I ask because sometimes my first map for LS 15 to download.
Since I am not describe a person of great she looks at you or not;-)

I have installed:
-Choppetstraw (Webalizer)
-Rinder- And pig (Marhu)
-Gülle-, Manure and Kalkmod (Marhu)
-Wassermod (Marhu)
-Mischstation (Marhu)
Clover and alfalfa as fertilizer or mowing (it is Grasschwad)
On The Left:
-http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/multimowing--3
-http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/grundunger
-http: //uploaded.net/file/pmh35mfu (Water tank)
-http: //lsmod2015.com/choppedstraw-v15-0-03/

so as much fun testing
Mfg hirsch6920
Please if you irgentwelche worries, hardships or problems you write me PM

manuel (BGA)

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