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Hobbs Farm v5.5
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Hobbs Farm v5.5

Hi and welcome to Hobbs Farm V5.5
There were a few issues in V5 and this update seeks to adress them and enhance the map.
There were problems with slurry and manure that have now been fixed by new Hobbs Farm team members Arie and Wesley who join myself (Hobgoblin) and Keith in making the map.
I have added a new sell point for slurry and manure and many small fixes and tweaks.
Hobbs Farm is based around big kit and industrial sized farming. Works well with courseplay and is a great multiplayer map.
Plenty of space for placeables 14 Large fields 2 farms 1 Arable and 1 livestock. Beef and Pig fatening and a great map for silage and BGA work.

The map is by Myself (Hobgoblin) Keith Price Arie Steenbergen and Wesley Steenbergen

I am mainly a designer and Keith Arie and Wesley do all the hard work behind the scenes correcting all my mistakes :D

We also have a great team on the Hobbs Farm FB page ( www.facebook.com/groups/Hobbsfarm )
The page is looked after by team member Charlie Kay.

The guys on the page always check out the maps in hope of finding mistakes and making the map better.
Our Thanks go to (In no particular order):
Mark Steeves, Adam Lewis, Jeramy Brun, Ben Phil Lambert, Kenny Z-Kendog, Matt Hersh, Thomas H Junker, Hette Kloosterman, Todd Gaffney, Patrick VH, Terry Sutton, Kraft Farms, Lee Haymonds, Marc TownTerrierfm Slater, Mike Bell, Neale Green, Luke Hughes, Kermitt B Lugg Gaz Briers, Pat Taschner, Christer Gustafsson and everyone else in the Hobbs Farm Facebook Group Apologies if I missed anyone

  • Alf-inge hatlem
    2016-05-02 22:20
    1 of the best map ever
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-05-02 23:22
    Thank you ALF-INGE :D
  • John
    2016-05-03 02:53
    can I ask I love this map it keep getting better can u do it with chickens and some or the new animals just it be so good to play thanks
  • John
    2016-05-03 08:37
    What a shame, so many warnings, error's and call stacks :(
  • Name
    2016-05-04 06:48
    the map isn't loading for me, it just stays at the "map is being loaded, please wait" screen infinitely. can I remedy this somehow?
  • Robert cooley
    2016-05-04 20:23
    Having trouble finding the icons to by the fields can some one help with this
  • Johnv
    2016-05-05 04:57
    field buy icons are all together in a shop
  • Leadman
    2016-05-07 00:30
    any plan on a soil mod version?
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-05-25 22:16
    fields are all bought behind the farmhouse where you startNo plans for a soil mod version sorry
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