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Hobbs Farm v6
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Hobbs Farm v6

Hi and Welcome to Hobbs Farm 6.
 Hobbs Farm is designed around big kit roadtrains and indusrial sized farming. You can certainly play alone but the map is designed around multi player and Courseplay.
There are 2 farm yards, 1 Arable and 1 for Livestock 
The Arable yard has loads of space with multiple loading points plus the option to shovel load if you prefer

The Livestock farm is newly improved for V6 and also has Beef and Pig fattening.

14 large fields plus a new BGA  plenty of space for placeables and a large forest with loading trench and a clearing with woodchip storage.

There is a Grain train, Log train, Toon shop, Farm shop, Garden centre, Pay-Dirt, Slaughter house and more
You can sell all the usual crops plus there are 3 places to sell silage including Pay-Dirt which will also buy Manure and Slurry
Feel free to join our lively Facebook page WWW.Facebook.com/groups/Hobbsfarm where you will find plenty of mods that suit the map.

Thank you for checking out the map and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Hobgoblin and the Hobbs Farm Team.

Hobbs Farm V6 by
Hobgoblin, Keith Price, Arie Steenbergen, Wesley Steenbergen an Vaughn Moyo Hutchinson.

We also have a wonderful team of testers on the Hobbs farm Facebook page including
Mark Steeves, Adam Lewis, Jeramy Brun, Ben Phil Lambert, Kenny Z-Kendog, Matt Hersh, Thomas H Junker, Hette Kloosterman, Todd Gaffney, Patrick VH, Terry Sutton, Kraft Farms, Lee Haymonds, Marc TownTerrierfm Slater, Mike Bell, Neale Green, Luke Hughes, Kermitt B Lugg Gaz Briers, Pat Taschner, Christer Gustafsson Juan Forastero Scott Richard and everyone else in the Hobbs Farm Facebook Group Apologies if I missed anyone

Thanks also go to Rich Mater for originally showing me how Giants editor works.

  • Cade
    2016-06-07 09:43
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    I like your truck and trailers
  • Johnv
    2016-06-07 13:30
    0 0
    So many error's and warnings, what a shame :(
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-06-07 17:22
    0 0
    There are errors and warning JOHNV but nothing that causes issues in game. :)They are available on the Hobbs Farm Facebook group CADE www.facebook.com/groups/hobbsfarm It is a fun group and there are plenty of great mods available as well as links to good Hobbs Farm suitable equipment.
  • Kevin enfinger
    2016-06-08 08:20
    0 0
    HOBGOBLIN that is the most mature adult response ive seen in the community. Bout time lol. Great map man.
  • Cade
    2016-06-08 10:58
    0 0
    I can not find your facebook page
  • Hobgoblin
    2016-06-08 16:22
    0 0
    Ha Ha Thanks Kevin. I see no point in getting upset, you can't please everyone :DCade, If you copy and paste www.facebook.com/groups/hobbsfarm into your browser it should take you right too it :)
  • Todd.g
    2016-06-09 00:19
    0 0
    i love every version of hobbs farm.cant wait till multifruit is added!!!!!...great job on the map steve
  • Ereedks
    2016-06-11 23:31
    0 0
    Hobgoblin, Facebook links only work if you have a Facebook account. All I get is the login page for Facebook when using the url. I'm not about to sign up on Facebook, read their user agreement and you'll understand why.
  • Cade
    2016-08-07 01:30
    0 0
    what do you think of a b-double bale trailer
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