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HochKamp v1.0
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HochKamp v1.0

Servus love LS-Comunity!
Today there is a map made ??by agricultural Kirchner!
This map was created and built by The930TmsPower. I have to be allowed here Upload honor his map, on my MH account!
There is no beta! The Map is ready!

Required Mods:
Slurry Dung Mod
AnimationMapTrigger (MapDoorTrigger)
It is forbidden the map again or changed anywhere else to put to download! This behavior will not be tolerated and will be punished with a display!
We hope you have fun playing on the Hochkamp map! Mfg


-MB Trac-Power

  • Deutznl
    2015-07-05 20:21
    I can't find the slurry and dung mod, can anyone help me and sent a link of the slurry dung mod
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