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Hof Bergmann Map
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Hof Bergmann Map

Bug Fixes:
- Gas station Extented Script aktuallisiert (display now also in the PDA)
- Map Vehicle Profihopper scheme icon fixed
- Fixed trailer from Profihopper should not be longer reset now
- Fixed bug clover it is no longer possible to reap endless Klee
- Lime and fertilizer textures greatly improved now no flicker more
- Slurry separator fixed (illogical production quantity)
- Cows and sheep were fixed not freeze to the troughs
- ChoppedStraw.zip fixed (wrong texture for rape) Thanks to Ifkonator
- Sale price for dried grains increased significantly
- Felderbugs should be corrected (by adjusting the field boundaries)
- Prices adjusted slightly
- Fixed a few server Warnings
- Trigger from potato and sugar beet conveyor belt had when starting the wrong position

- Ponies, geese and ostriches away (feedlots)
- Clip distances, but the trees reduced (saves Performance)
- Renewed BeetMaster is now running on factory Script
- Adapted SeedMaster, installed display, increased Fertilizer volume. Attention ! Can now be filled by hose.
- FermentingSilo scored Digital level indicators.
- DryGrain silo converted to Marhu's FarmSiloSystem.
- Hard Point Trigger installed in Erfurt agricultural machinery (workshop left Tor) only requires the HardPointExtension.zip in modfolder and is optional
the heist who wants to use no Hardpoint not need the zip.
- All installations based factory script were brought up to date. (Installed digital displays, etc.)
- New CompostMaster built based on factory script location has changed (formerly goose fattening)
- Below the CompostMaster is now a huge compost warehouse (formerly Strauss Mast)
the compost can loosely be removed or be transferred into boxes in the bottling plant.
(Compost can be sold loose or are applied in boxes, or into the fields as fertilizer)
- Converted fattening installations on farms, means the animals multiply now and will no longer be fattened.
This also meant that have changed the name e.g. breeding sheep, breeding cattle and so these animals you get in the cattle market
which are managed in the masts or growing systems and need to be fed there arise slaughter animals they can then at the respective
Outlets are sold. For sheep and cattle there are 2 new varieties: Breeding sheep (clipped) and breeding cattle (milked) these are only temporary
and are formed by machining the shearers or in Melk robot.
(Newest Fliegl Animal Transport pack use) contained in the new Start Vehicle Pack
- For breeding sheep to shear shearer and milking robot for milking the cattle installed. (See PDA Map)
- MilkMax changed, filling and can be unloaded only by tube any more barrels (newest Kotte Universal Pack use) included in the entry Vehicle Pack
- Textures optimized and debugged
installed Animated Dekotiere -
- Converted manure storage, filled with hose and outlet is also in my hose. (Attention no live viewing display takes few Sec.)
- Fertilizerlager (liquid fertilizer storage) converted filled with tube and removal-is also in my hose. (Attention no live viewing display)
- PDA Map fix, it will now umlauts displayed at points of sale
- FillType names are now displayed on the icon (bottom right)
installed DirtEffekte in puddles (it splashes mud in some places of the Map) -
- Tractor plowing the ground sinks
- Water storage (washing area) converted to factory script, removal and filling via hose
- FillTypen now have weight, animals also are among them.
- Big straw away with the sheep, loose straw may also be stored on the farm in feed stores
- Built breeding center for cattle (heifers must the rest to buy the livestock market should be self-explanatory)
- Increased Schafweide
- Körnmühle, sales trigger for cereals shot blocked if someone has no desire to own produce.
- Stored Straw lift away and for straw blower installed at the farm, now you can loose straw or bales in the hayloft

Farmer Andy

  • Papy
    2016-04-03 15:11
    0 0
    bloqué lorque je démarre le jeu ????,
  • Zaur555
    2016-04-03 15:23
    0 0
    Which version of the card? Already have version 1.2
  • Jacky54450
    2016-04-03 15:37
    0 0
    Les oies, les poney et les autruches n'apparaissent pas dans le magazin ?
  • Whovian64
    2016-04-03 16:08
    0 0
    Is anyone else stuck at the doorway after it loads? I'm unable to move, change to tractors, change time...anything. I've tried both versions with the same results. ????
  • Zaur555
    2016-04-03 16:57
    0 0
    Welche dieser neueren Versionen http://gamesmods.net/farming-simulator-2015/fs15-maps/55453-hof-bergmann-map-ls15-v12.html - HOF BERGMANN MAP LS15 V1.2
  • Boys'n
    2016-04-03 19:16
    0 0
    PAPY : Tu as un conflit de mod, fais le ménage et ca fonctionnera. JACKY54450 : Les animaux, il faut aller les chercher directement. Il y a ( un magasin ) vers le sud ouest de la map, pas très loin de l'église en faite.
  • Jacky54450
    2016-04-03 19:50
    0 0
    Mon souci est qu'avec cette version il n'apparaisse nul part ,j'ai donc mi l'autre version est là, c'est niquel,, ou est l'erreur, je prècise :aucun mods d'installer .
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-03 21:43
    0 0
    This Map is not accepting any additional mods, if any are added the Map Locks up. The map alone is Ok. Add some Mods game will not move from Start location. First key hit I get a steady rotation of the scene. Bob
  • Ptit_nono
    2016-04-03 22:35
    0 0
    Je viens de télécharger la map de Farmer_Andy sur le site officiel de son créateur , c'est à dire Marhu.net et bizarrement elle ne fait "que" 870 mb......vraiment bizarre non ??
  • Bob(wires)
    2016-04-04 07:12
    0 0
    My problem with the Map freezing up looks to have been the Mod (old version) "animationMapTrigger", downloaded a newer version, now the map will run with my group of Mods. Bob.
  • Ptit_nono
    2016-04-04 11:49
    0 0
    bob(wires)Hello, I would suggest going on marhu.net site, you will find the required mods and the new car pack required for this mapgreetings
  • Bob(wires)
    2016-04-04 13:04
    0 0
    PTIP_NONO Thanks , Like I stated I had an old version of the "animationMapTrigger mod this was causing the map to lock up at the start point,. Downloaded new mod, Problem now corrected. Thanks Bob.
  • Denest
    2016-04-08 17:21
    0 0
    bonjour jai un soucis avec le animaux jai trouver lendroit mais je peux pas les prendre et aussi jai charger les caisse en bois cest pareille ou les metre
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