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Hofgut Baden v1.0
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Hofgut Baden v1.0

So, now to the description of the map:
It is a hilly map that was created out of my imagination. There are on their 20 fields of different size.
Areas are to mow grass also available.

When unloading, there are:
-Heizwerk (For wood chips and bales)

A sawmill and a garden center are also to be found.
On the Map a composting plant is built where you can upload compost and sprinkle onto the pitch. The compost can also be stored on the farm. A sale is not possible because it caused problems.
There are on the map also a custom limestone, where you can buy lime and also stored on the farm and are scattered over the fields as fertilizer.
Seeds can be loaded at the mill, the grain trade and at the farm or produced by the SeedMaster.

What is all on the farm:
Close to the Court, the cow and sheep pasture are placed (with WaterMOd). The pig is in the immediate vicinity of the court.
I have deliberately avoided the cattle and broiler as well as other types of fruit, I am of the opinion that one has with the standard fruit, pig, dairy cattle, farm fields and forestry enough to do.

An additional mods will need:
- choppedStraw ---
- AnimationMapTrigger ---
- transport of pigs ---
- ModPack for the map ---
(Included in this is a trailer for the transportation of compost and lime to the camp and a spreader to the compost to spread into the field)
The GülleMistKalkMod was made by me installed directly on the map as the Lua had to be modified for the compost. (A big thanks to Marhu for permission)
The GuelleMistMod.zip should therefore be removed from the modfolder as this can lead to problems
I would like to thank all the modders whose objects I have installed on the map. If I have forgotten anyone in the credits, then please contact me and I wear it after.
And now have fun on Map
Baden Bauer
About a visit on my Facebook page, I would be happy, if you want liken may also like.
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It is prohibited to upload new map, not even in deterministic changed shape.
On other pages ONLY with the original link from Uploaded.
On other pages using only the original link


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