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Hoftankstelle v2.0
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Hoftankstelle v2.0

Economic cycle OIL Part 3
Hoftankstelle by Castor

And now for the last part,

To your exclusively produced diesel also aufen court temporarily store, here two gas stations.

The small has a capacity of 100000l
The Great has a capacity of 200000l

!!! Must be miten GE Built !!!
The mod may not be published in other forums or with other new link

MFG Kastor
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Since you will find everything about my projects.
Somewhere in Thuringia
Somewhere in Thuringia extreme (4FachMap)

UPK von mor2000
Mehre Teile aus LS13
Teile von Industrieanlage 1 V 1
Tankanlage by LS-Pitstop
Öl-Tanks von El_Cid

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