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Hohenfelde v2.0 final gmk
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Hohenfelde v2.0 final gmk

Yes, yes now it's time again today I want to introduce my new card.
Hohenfelde there is a place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the far east not far from the Polish border, a place of my childhood.
The card is created with Google Maps and so the fields are not exactly friendly helpers.

So what was installed:
-3 Pig fattening farms, cattle fattening installations 2, 1 broiler plant
-General Standard Animals
-Futtermischstation (Slightly modified so that it fits on the map)
-Gülle Dung Kalkmod (slightly modified) with new visible kinds of fertilizer
-Compostmaster (Compost is used as fertilizer)
-many angle to the terrain (not wonder who the helper does not obey)

Ps ne BGA there was not, therefore, I decided the functions to another building to build in the GDR.

Please get if you have any worries, hardships or problems via PM.
I have two text documents packed into the Rardatei that you and your GMM fertilizer spreader can rewrite!

So now a lot of fun while playing,
mfg hirsch6920

marhu , Farmer_Andy, möchtegernbauer

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