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Hoisting & transport funmods v1.0
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Hoisting & transport funmods v1.0

Funmod pack for transport & crane fans
-diesltank (fully functional)
-construction site office; no function. Just funmod for transport and construction site decoration.
-generator; no function. Just funmod for transport and construction site decoration.
-small temporary bridge (or pre-fab bridge, whatever you prefer)
-large prefab bridge

all can be attached to crane with attacher "cutter" type  (my Liebherr HS785 and FT modding trucks)

Original models are from several LS2011, 2013 and 15 maps.
Model and script for hoisting chains by Ombelis (FT modding)

......... ?

  • Profarmer
    2015-12-07 23:26
    sorry but i dont have a clue what keys to press and nothing works great mod but cant play with it
  • Wapol
    2015-12-08 03:58
    where I can get the chains to the crane?
  • Max100n
    2015-12-08 15:29
    pummelboerthanks for cool mods!Wapolthe chains is invisible , they become visible after attach the cargo to the crane
  • Wapol
    2015-12-09 02:17
    Thank you! Max100n
  • Guffy
    2015-12-09 16:19
    Which way are the core turn before one can reach the object?Christmas greetingsGuffy DK
  • Ricard
    2015-12-09 21:01
    Cool mod.. very nice, but i can't find the button to connet te crane with container can you tell me maybe how it works?
  • Pete12
    2015-12-09 23:48
    It would be really cool if the hoisting tool could be used with the Volvo FH 16 /Palfinger mod from FT Modding. Then you would really be able to move stuff around.Thanks for the cool mods!
  • Pummelboer
    2015-12-10 19:57
    LOL PETE12; the hoisting toll CAN be used with the Volvo FH12 from FT modding :-)
  • Frederik
    2015-12-11 15:26
    Where do i download the trailers ?
  • Mote454
    2015-12-12 15:41
    Hey Pummelboer, I made some more objects that you can lift with the crane. I see that you and Ombelis worked on this. Do you know how to contact Ombelis so that I can get permission to release the mod pack?
  • David
    2015-12-12 23:03
    how do you attach the crane to the things
  • Nonmae
    2015-12-14 03:52
    file is corrupted can make it to zip folder
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