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HOLMER DLC Steering Modes
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HOLMER DLC Steering Modes

You asked us about the steering modes of the vehicles in the upcoming HOLMER DLC so we made this little video! What do you think?

On March 10th we will bring sugar beet harvesting in Farming Simulator 15 to a whole new level on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The HOLMER DLC will give you access to two new impressive vehicles from the famous brand HOLMER with a wide range of compatible equipment from ZUNHAMMER and BERGMANN to expand your farming activities.

The mighty Terra Dos T4-40 with its large working width speeds up your harvest while the flexible Terra Variant 600 eco Tractor can get equipped with different modules to suit any situation.

For PC and Mac users, you can pre-order the DLC now for only € 9,99. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will be available for download on the PSN and the Xbox Games Store for the same price on March 10th.

PC gamers additionally have the option to get the HOLMER DLC as part of the OFFICIAL EXPANSION 2 which will also be available at retail stores on March 10th. The DVD box is ideal for collectors and includes all previously released DLCs for Farming Simulator 15 as well:

New Holland DLC (+ Loaders DLC)
ITRunner DLC
Farming Classics DLC
The Official e-book 'Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies' (PDF)
For only € 19,99 the OFFICIAL EXPANSION 2 adds 50 new vehicles and items of farming equipment to your existing installation of Farming Simulator 15 or Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition.

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