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Holmer potato pack v1.0
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Holmer potato pack v1.0

This is not my mod! Just did some work to it. Enjoy


  • Marco
    2016-09-14 11:16
    great mod but with a small flaw: automatically turns off at the end dela row
  • Chenneviere
    2016-09-14 18:22
  • Denis
    2016-09-15 01:25
    Ola,Faz um favor, fazer mesmo mod com colheita de beterrabas, pois o pacote que tenho tem defeito e o seu eh excepcional trabalho.Obrigado por compartilhar este excelente trabalho.Obrigado.
  • Name
    2016-09-15 19:40
    If someone can fix the AI or modify this for more crops please do. I don't know a lot about modding as I jus got started.
  • John
    2016-09-16 01:49
    great mod but missing a tractor and cuts off at the end of a row
  • Blahblebleblehblehh
    2016-09-21 04:24
    The mod is awesome! Thanks man! And for those who say it stops at the end of each row you need to get a the KS 75-4 or the equivalent, which takes the top off the crop before harvest. Then the mod will run properly. Although I am confused why the mod comes with the TANQUE RP 35 under "Auger Wagons" I can't figure out how to use the device or find a vehicle that it will attach to. Any help from OP would be appreciated.
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