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Holmfarming v1.3
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Holmfarming v1.3

Hello Farmer, here I present my first map times before!
The map is based on the Bjorn Holm map.

What has been done:
Mod Scripts included:
Slurry manure lime
Real Night
Timed controlled gate
Mixing Station

Owned Buildings:
Own home
Vehicle shelters
Food storage with conveyors

Can load the trailer everything from the food storage such as:

Mixing station on the farm
Changed silo unloading
Down on the farm cow pasture and provided with water drinker, and created the MilchTriggar
Milk itself can be sold
Sheep grazing created near the court and provided with a water drinker
Chicken coop with water drinking and feeding site to provide you with wheat.
Fueling station on the farm
Near the Aral petrol station shop a (refueling no problem), as well as a McDonald's has been added
At the old cow pasture a timber camp was established and near a butcher
PDA adjusted (had a soft field for sheep grazing)
Texture was also partially replaced / changed

Start Vehicles changed!
A thank you to all the modders for the great stuff!
Just have a look yourself!
I wish you lots of fun in Holmfarming
If time permits, I will continue to work on Map!
Greeting Hasco

Hasco: Map umbauer
Marhu & Mannie313!: Watermod, Milchtrigger. Mapsiloband Rind/Schweinezucht
Inerti: Real Night
martinbigM500: Holzstapel Lager
Higgsterboss7: Timed controlled gate

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