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Holzhausen v2.0.1
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Holzhausen v2.0.1

The very popular Holzhausen Map

v2.0.1 Bugfixes: - Goldcoin fix - Soilmod structure fix - GMK Fruchtregistrierung läd jetzt nur in der Holzhausen Normal/GMK-Variante - Storeplaces angepasst - FabrikSkrip update (Behebt den fehler nach dem speichern) - Abladetrigger am Gewächshaus vergrößert

The very popular Holzhausen Map is now available for the Farming Simulator 15. Niggels939 has paid much attention in converting it and installed all the main innovations of the FS 15. He has, of course, tried to preserve the atmosphere of the FS13 map.
The map will be expanded as well as the FS13 version with more features!

Requiered mod:

The map requires the latest patch
2 sectors: agriculture, forestry
Main courtyard with machine shops, grain warehouses, cows, silos and bale shed
Depot for forestry equipment
Large freight station
Many Traders for grain, root crops, eggs, etc.
Approximately 115 ha arable and meadow area
3 forestry areas with approximately 20 ha
Biogas plant
Village with a Edeka and vehicle shop (opening times of 6-21Uhr)
AI traffic
Cows, chickens (sheep do not exist. They can be bought, but they wont be shown. This is because, to increase compatibility with various Mods)
Gold coins

For full credits see the Credits.txt or pdf!
You may not use the new street textures in other maps without permission!
You may not use the scripts "conveyorbelt.lua" and "multisiloeffects.lua" without permission by Xentro!
You may not reupload the map!

ALL trees can be chopped down. No Layer trees.
Several small Easter eggs, which are to be discovered;)
Technical Features: AnimationMapTrigger
working trains
Finer texture angle on the fields
"Green manure mod" compatible
Chopped Straw Mod compatible
BGAextension compatible
Fruits: wheat, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, alfalfa (as green manure plant)
Doors to open: Normal rolling doors of sheds must be opened to foot. Green rolling gates, as the merchants have, can also be opened from a vehicle. The gate at the vehicle shop has opening times of 6-21 clock. Outside of these times you can not open the gate.

Giants; Niggels: Strassentexturen, Dekolayertexturen;
Vertexdezign (Katsuo, steffen30Muc, Buschi, Xentro): Maschinenhallen, Getreidehalle, Silo (BGA), Mistrampe, MapDoorTrigger, Fachwerlscheune, Coveyorskript, MultiSiloEffects, LiquidManureFillTriggerExtension, HolzhausenExtension;
Katsuo: Palette, Strassentexturen;
Steffen30Muc: Kalk und Düngerlager, Ballenhalle, Dausch Halle, Bauernhaus (Hof);
B34STx: Objectspack, Zaunpack;
Buschi: Gitterbox, Wildzaun;
mailman: Rampe, 4er Unterstand;
Vanilleeis: Grastextur
The_Green_Flash: Bullenstall;
Baue3rR: Tor (Weide);
JauchenPaule: Werkstatteinrichtung, SpareParts, Gasverteilstation, Schweißgerät, Kompressor;
GE-Mapping: Maschendrahtzaun;
FSmodding: Kartoffelkisten;
NKB-Modding: Fermenter;
Modding Welt, martinbigM500: Getreidehandel Roth, Pfosten umklappbar;
Moppel: Claas GPS;
Nick98.1: Schilderset;
Ls-Landtechnik: Leitplankenset;
Fatian: Strassenset;
bluebaby210: MapBuyableObjects, SearchModsScript;
eribus: Forgotten Plants Texturen für Kartoffeln, Mais, Raps, Weizen, Gerste
upsidedown&Jakob; T: additionalMapFruits
KaosKnite, Decker_MMIV: Soilmod scipt and foliages
Timber131: Kuhstall
Marhu: Fabrikscript,
El_Cid: Sägewerk, Gewächshausumbau
Festus: Sägewerk (ingame)
Farmer_Andy: Kartoffelwaschanlage, MilchMax

MixFeeder Mod: modportal.com, bluebaby210
MixFeeder: manni_112, softfox, BigM
Bunker: softfox, BigM
Schienen: BigM, Xentro(exportiert und Uvs neu gelegt)
Mischstation: Polygon-A

Falls ich wen vergessen hab, bitte melden!

Für folgende Objekte bedarf es bei einer eigenen Benutzung einer Erlaubnis von Vertexdezig, bzw mir:
- Straßentexturen
- Dekolayertexturen
- conveyorbelt.lua
- multisiloeffects.lua
- LiquidManureFillTriggerExtension.lua
- HolzhausenExtension.lua

Die Map darf nur mit dem original Link in anderen Foren oder dergleichen angeboten werden!
Die Datei darf nicht neu hochgeladen werden!
Ich bitte um Verständnis und viel Spaß mit der Map ;)

  • Ben


    2015-11-21 23:41
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    Where are the storages for grass/straw/chaff ect... on this map ?
  • Kulje7
    2015-12-02 22:24
    0 0
    "Ben" this map has no Storage for that. you must get a mod for it or place in GE
  • Kocurekpl
    2016-03-29 14:37
    0 0
  • Whiteinc
    2016-05-27 20:05
    0 0
    Can't put fuel on the sawmill and potatowasher -.-
  • Bany
    2016-08-21 21:55
    0 0
    Where sell milk??
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