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Holztor Set v1.1
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Holztor Set v1.1

Animated wooden gate / gate
Model: DaGoasseLP
Texture: DaGoasseLP
Ingame: DaGoasseLP

Version 1.1
Clipdistance reduziert
Rigid Body der Transformgroup entfernt

You need to AnimationMapTrigger in your mod folder! You need the AnimationMapTrigger in your mod folder!

If you want to use my Doorhud must move it to the appropriate folder and add the following entry in the field AnimationMap.XML <Huds>:
<Hud name = "WoodGate_hud" filename = "map / scripts / huds / OpenWoodGate_hud.dds" x = "0.92" y = "0185" width = "0056" height = "12:08" />
(* Red marked Customize your Mapordner)
I also have to assign a new display name for this goal. Also this needs to be supplemented in the AnimationMap.XML!
The following items must be entered in <Global text>:
<Text name = "OPEN_WOODGATE" />
<Text name = "CLOSE_WOODGATE" />
Further still to be made in the modDesc.xml following entries:
<Text name = "OPEN_WOODGATE"> <s> open wooden gate </ s> <de> wooden gate open </ en> </ text>
<Text name = "CLOSE_WOODGATE"> <s> close wooden gate </ s> <de> wooden gate Close </ en> </ text>
There is a soundfile Finally. This shift in your Sounds folder and specify the correct path in GE.

The gate:
With the O button you can open the doors and close. This just goes outside a vehicle!
In Pack a left and a right gate is included. Both doors have a clearance width of 6m.

The Modpack may be provided on other sites for download, but only using the originals download links!
The Modpack may not be changed without my consent and uploaded again!
The Modpack offered here are allowed ruining her WITHOUT share on your Maps. A mention in the credits would be nice!
If you support needs, you can find me at Modhoster, Youtube or Facebook at DaGoasseLP

Have fun with it!

Modell: DaGoasseLP
Textur: DaGoasseLP
Ingame: DaGoasseLP

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