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Horch Pronto 26 dc v2
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Horch Pronto 26 dc v2

Horch pronto 26 DCF
hi here is my conversion from fs13 of the pronto 26
this seeder has got a 30 meter wide sowing area
and comes in all colours(dyable)
built in fertilizer
direct seeding so there is no need to prepare the fields first just sow
it also gets dirty after a sort time.
cost for all this is a mere £99000
daily up keep £97
all the standard fruits accepted.


  • Weazle
    2016-01-15 17:31
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    works great and i have converted fs 2013 version to fert and sow as well
  • Becky
    2016-06-12 14:27
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    Excellent work here am impressed and the added fertilizer & colour change made it so much more enjoyable to use ive finally found the seeder for me thank you
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