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Horsch Grubber 50m Cultivator / Plow
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Horsch Grubber 50m Cultivator / Plow

I took the Horsch Grubber and Turned it into a plow making it easier for people to create fields 


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  • Harrier500
    2015-03-07 21:56
    Can you make it so i can sows to ?? i hope you can :)wee have only BIG maps and need big tolls for it but nice job :)
  • Hepan
    2015-03-07 22:12
    Why did not 200m?
  • Guest
    2015-03-07 23:58
    I am not sure how to make it so that you can Sow as well but will look into it and see what I can do.Also this is the largest cultivator that I could make as of now. will try larger ones when I have time
  • Wayne
    2015-03-08 01:25
    thanks men I need that can u make a map that got soybean and rice in it now
  • Guest
    2015-03-08 04:01
    Thanks a lot! Very handy,
  • James
    2015-03-08 13:14
    in the next update could you make it foldable
  • Punisher
    2015-08-21 10:08
  • Hhh


    2017-01-14 04:29
    not garbage i wish you could get it in 2017
  • Keith
    2017-08-14 17:52
    can you make it work wit h2017
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