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Horsch Terrano 22 FX v1.0
1 3 0 2018

Horsch Terrano 22 FX v1.0

The best and the most unreal cultivator but most favorite
The large width for large tractors and large fields
There is a dirty texture
Have a good game

Model: dimanix LS11
Texture: dimanix LS11
Idea / Concept:

  • Toymaker
    2016-03-06 23:42
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    It's too bad nobody makes flexible implements since so many maps have hills and uneven ground. It would be so much more fun and realistic.
  • Iceman12
    2016-03-07 01:16
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    Agreed with the 1st comment If this was a flexible mod it would do wonders for bigger fields. But since it isn't i'll have to give it 2.5 stars
  • Wayne
    2016-03-07 02:30
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    it world be a good mod but it need to be fixed
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