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Horsch Titan 34UW v1.0
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Horsch Titan 34UW v1.0

Dear LS15 Com,
I want to show you my first mod here. Actually it is the standart transfer vehicle, but I have changed him a bit.

New features:
- 2 flashing lights at the rear
- He can now load wood chips

Please retain the original link !!! If you want to upload it on another forum, etc.: to only QUESTIONS !!!
If you have suggestions for improvement or mod suggestions or the like, please write in the comments or send a message.


  • Kakadu
    2014-11-11 10:23
    hi, i have big problem.check image...http://postimg.org/image/ticv7cadj/
  • Uffe
    2015-01-19 16:56
    same problem as KAKADU. Can only see the weels.
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