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Hubtex Sideloader v3.0 Final
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Hubtex Sideloader v3.0 Final

Hey Com!
After a long while I finally want to share my Hubtex Sideloader with you.

In the Pack there are the Sideloader and a big number of forks. There are Palettforks, a fork for wood, a fork for bales, a rotating tool as a fork for cutters.

The Loader has a lot of scripts like:
- IC Control
- seat suspension
- UniversalToggleParts (gas and brake)
- animated wiper
- Balefix
- animated steering column and door
- the vehicle can be tilted

And Standards like:
- Workinglights (iC Control)
- Indicators
- rotating beacon (iC Control)
- Tiretracks
- mirrors
- exhaust smoke

- Hubtex Sideloader: 3500€
- Palettfork: 900€
- Balefork: 800€
- Woodfork: 1600€
- Big Palettfork: 1100€
- Rotating tool: 2000€
- Cutter tool: 1100€

It is not allowed to upload the mod in any form to other forums. This applies both to the original as well as any modified versions. It is not allowed to modify the mod without previous arrangement with me. If someone wants to upload the Mod to othe forums he MUST first put me on notice. Any violation of the above points will be punished by legal action, because the rights are to me (LsPrO / TheCoCe) and GIANTS Software only!

Model/Texture/Ingame: LsPrO/TheCoCe
Texture/Ingame Help: Hektiker
Externe Scripts: Manuel Leithner (IC.lua)
Geri-G (fix.lua edited by PeterJ)

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