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Huge Baling Pack v1
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Huge Baling Pack v1

Here is all you need to bale hay. The mods cost you $ 0.00 It makes it easier to enjoy the game.It is a patriot pack. I take no credit for these mods. I did change the look of them. I have been working on them about a month. I say have fun enjoy the game. I know I sure do!

Eagle355th How ever I take no credit for these mods. I just changed the looks of them.

  • Pablo
    2015-02-28 15:16
  • Pablo
    2015-02-28 15:18
    hi Eagle well eagle fantastic job that you have done lv it....
  • Guest
    2015-03-01 21:55
    Thanks PABLO! I wish I could figure out how to know who made the mods that way I can post them better. I don't know how to use the Giants Editor if I did I'd use it.
  • Death_specter
    2015-06-01 09:29
    Name of Author is in a readme, and or modDesc.xml.
  • Eagle355th
    2015-07-02 23:20
    Thank You DEATH_DPECTER.
  • Martin
    2016-04-06 17:29
    working michigan map, (by stevie)before today i could leave my sowing and it would finish field(as in sow all field) even when the sower was m/t... but now it runs out and stops??? , i have had to delete some mods as i coundt get map to work... so what mod do i need to complete field now???
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