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Hummer H2 Service v1.0
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Hummer H2 Service v1.0

Hummer H2 Service Car
A nice Hummer H2 as a service truck. The basic model comes from several H2 from the Google Warehouse. The lobster was rebuilt from the ground up.

Trigger for water, seeds etc
Normal light / working light, reversing lights, mirrors *, brake light *
Höch speed 160 km / h
Real fuel consumption
Real tank capacity
Hitch for trailers

* Mirror: functioning, for whatever reason no longer
* Brake Light: Works no longer with Patch 1.2

The mod can be machined private but not be re-uploaded and also not be offered, among other link. The following applies to DL Link http://ul.to/us3bfw7d
When defects or other questions, PM me or in the comment section.

Creative Commons License
HummerH2 of MasterXerion is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivatives 4.0 International License .
Based on the work under http://ul.to/us3bfw7d .

GW: Mandun, Max, Brecht
Test: DesertKnuckles, Nancy VM

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    hie, what is this for a Map... please link it :)
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