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Hurlimann H488 v1.5 Twin Wheels
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Hurlimann H488 v1.5 Twin Wheels

Here I have the Hürlimann H488 taken out of the game and changed it a little.
What has been done:
The skin has been changed.
Tires were widened and adjusted.
A RUL was installed.
The power was increased to approximately 390PS
Fuel consumption has increased since he has more power.

Hope you like it.
I still have the Lizard crawling on my little Hürlimann turn built and made ??him black. The performance was reduced to 195PS.
A huge thank you goes to Paradox Agi and KHD-Agro Star without which would not work.
Login is Clean
And the crab among you, this was changed after my taste mod, whom he did not like it does not have to download it.


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