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Hurlimann H496 HPE v1.0
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Hurlimann H496 HPE v1.0

I hereby present to you the Hürlimann H 496 HPE.
By leistungstärkstem engine of H-400 series and its 77.3 KW,
it represents the ideal entry tractor.
By the versatile possibilities to expand it, it is suitable for almost any task.
allows the exclusive dealer agreement with Hardpointextentions GmbH
you anytime, inexpensive to purchase attachments.
Whether several wheel and tire combinations, simple panels or a Frontladerkonsolen. Here is something for everyone.
At closing, the buyer is free to download a free repainted in the color. Frontladerkonsole tires (normal maintenance, double, normal with wheel weight, Terra, chains) 2 different RUL warning reversing light Fender Repair module extension on H496 Multicolor adaptation Dirt exhaust smoke adjust IC Control (doors, windows, roof, FH, mirror) IC button (RUL, lights, indicators, 4WD, DiffLock, engine start, front / rear hydraulic) HydraulikeRef (hydraulic hoses connect correctly) passenger script door from the outside to open CTIS illuminated speedometer indoorHud: additional time tank: 99L to 129L capacity: to 96PS 88PS rated speed: 2500U / min to 2300U / min torque RPM: 1300U / min remains torque: 323Nm to 360Nm weight: 3495Kg to 4400kg (4x4)
HardpointsExtention V1.2 is required
Drive Control is recommended
Model: GIANTS (Tag ST-Modding / Streubeheubar)
Attachments: speedy77, Johni_6530
Scripts: model eicher, Saty, rafftnix / Marhu, biedens, Manuel Leithner, Xentro, fruktor
Q: Interactive Buttons - engine start, differentials / lift FH HH does not work.
A: DriveControl mod must be present for these functions
Q: The mirror can not be adjusted or tend infinitely
A: That's Script technical reasons. Only one animation run completely
Q: The mod does not appear in the Store
A: Please check whether the game on the current patch runs
Q: The tug has no wheels after purchase
A: Please check whether HardpointsExtention is in version 1.2 in modfolder
Q: I get errors when I e.g. the warning labels buy.
A: Please check whether HardpointsExtention is really to version 1.2. Previous versions do not support any custom scripts.

Modell: GIANTS (Umbau ST-Modding/Streubeheubar)
Textur: HoFFi
Script: modelleicher, Saty, rafftnix/Marhu, biedens, Manuel Leithner, Xentro, fruktor
Idee / Konzept: HoFFi
Tester: HoFFi & Chaos Elite Modding
Sonstige: ein Dank an marhu.net und chaos-elite-modding.de für die tolle Unterstützung und die Ideen

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