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Iberian Southland v2.1
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Iberian Southland v2.1

Well, to continuation you can see the different places where you will find
different product for the various production:

A – Sell Woolpalet.
B – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
C – Production Kalk.
D – Fabric Cement.
E – Sell wood.
F – Buy tree planting.
G – Production Hops.
H – Sell beef, pigs and lamb.
I – Sell Wood.
J – Fabric Beer.
K – Point for limestone and gravel.
L – Point for sand.
M – Factory Cement.
N – Terrain for greenhouses, trees,…
O – Flour Cooperative.
P – Factory Bread.
Q – Factory Bottles.
R – Factory Paper.

Required Mods Included:

– AAA_64erFix.zip –
– AnimationMapTrigger.zip –
– AAA_UniversalProcesskit –
– Map Buyable Object Fs15 –
– ZZZ_ChoppedStraw.zip –
– zzz_CompostSoil.zip –
– ZZZ_multiFruit.zip –

Optionals Mods (you choose):

– GuelleMistMod.zip –
– Soil Mod 2.0.5 –

Changelog v2.1:
** Removed stores straw rye, oats, spelled.
** Placed store mixer instead of straw.
** Added another mixer.
** Replaced waterplane.
** Erasing shortgrass in some stretches of road.
** Resurface the plane of sale in the BGA.
** Added more settings to multiFruit_config.
** Adjusted some splines.
** Increased capacity / production SeedMaster.
** Fixed olive oil production.
** Added bottle factory (Press AltGr + L).
** Added paper production (Press AltGr + L)..
** Dia, Molinsur, Silogroup, Port, FreightYard buy paper and bottles.
** Adjusted trigger in Olivasa, BotaniCenter, Harinsur and dust.

For continue your savegame delete the next files when you have harvested all:
** fruit_density.grle
** splitShapes.gmss
** TierrasDelSurIberico.i3d.terrain.dynlod.cache

This files is in your savegame folder in my documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2015/

Modell, Desing, Modified Vehicles, Tested: Vanquish081

Textures: Google, cgtextures.
Hud Fruit: Jakob Tischler
SeedMaster2k15, Michsattion v3, watermod,fermentingsilo - Marhu
Schweine und Rindermast - Mannie313
Lamb1 - jojo800
GuelleMistKalk - Mannie313
Hühnermast, Gülle Lager Mod - Farmer_Andy
SiloKalk - Danny681
Medianera - Germany Community Group / martinbigM500
Puente Tubo - Pisty
Tienda Vehículos - Pisty
Pared Piedra - Pisty
DistanceHills - Mailman (ModsWatend)
medstreet_o, greekHouse - EpicPrydaMods
Blockhaus - möchtegernbauer
High Watchtower - Hawkeye
Das LS-Landtechnik Team!
Edificios - ysup12
ARC - 170 - Jetstorm_477
Inland - Himmi
Fruit Textures - Eribus, LwFarming, brzeziol, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227, mor2000.
AdditionalFruitTypes - Jakob Tischler
Entertainment - J seba
Deljanka - Myjaki (Carretera vieja)
Montantes - TracMax & Inmanuel
Señales - Nick98_1
wasserabnahme2 - Mostwanted
ZuckerfabrikVLS13 - Schwedenkopf
Script Rolltor, opentrigger & door Sektionaltor, fabric beer - Blacky_BPG
GasStationTrigger Extended - tobiasgo
fabric beer and cement - Pleasant Valley Mods
Grain Bin Pack - ThompsonM06
wohnblock - admin
Graffitis - dafont.com, Vanquish081
Animation Map Trigger - Xentro - vertexDezign.net
Pogruzka - Vorota, Alexx79, VAHA
Dekalb SeedCompany - MBJ, Süsswassermatrose (for quarry by vanquish081)
Compost Soil - Idee und Modelle: Andy1978
Hallenset - Modelle, Texturen, Ingame: Katsuo Script: Xentro
Script for door opening hours - Desperados93
Huge Mill: container yard: Zippo, Silo: Sim3.09S
RC Circuit: Eva (3dwarehouse)
Billboard: Hiijinx
Olive trees: Rosenthaler_ROS
Housing High Low Poly - GoldFox
Base building for Harinsur - möchtegernbauer
Base building for Polvillo - Pucksta – PMP, Gebäude & Objekte von Giants (LS13+15)
MixFeeder - Bluebaby210 mod-portal

If you see your objets in this map but is not in the credits, please send me a private message to include you,
I'm sorry, they are many and they me it happened. Thanks ;)

  • Hans
    2015-12-03 11:37
    Hi.Nice map.When I try bye the bye marker do not work.Thanks.
  • Alex
    2015-12-03 11:54
    Карта огромная, куча покупных объектов, мультифруктовая - компост, пиво, хб изделия итд, полей много нО, есть и минус - некоторые поля сложно обрабатывать из за рельефа. Карта больше подходит для сетевой игры т.к за всем хозяйством сложно справится одному (((
  • Alex
    2015-12-03 12:04
    (HANS) The card works 100% Please install the required mods (sorry google translate)
  • Thediabl0
    2015-12-03 12:35
    Alex, perfect translation.
  • Hans
    2015-12-03 12:50
    I have install the mods.I do like the map wont that to work
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-12-03 17:59
    Hi...THEDIABLO...Can you tell me if the Map I3D file is locked in any way, because I am unable to "edit" the file. I want to adjust Grow Rates of the crops, I can not "backspace" any of the values set in the file. Bob.
  • Thediabl0
    2015-12-04 03:08
    Bob no locked, is free.
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